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The definition of survivor as being any person diagnosed with cancer, from the time of initial diagnosis until his or her death. This expansive definition of “survivor” includes people who are dying from untreatable cancer. ~ The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS)

I am a mixed, late blooming, boomer Breast Cancer “Super” Survivor chick living with a neuropathy and Lymphedema who loves to write books I would love to read and scripts that I would watch. They are honest, concerned with real lives, human hearts, spiritual transformation, memories, families, secrets, wonder, and craziness—most of all that makes me laugh. Falling into the depths of a destructive complicated father daughter relationship, identity and insuperable chauvinism issues, racism, autoimmune neuropathy, uterine and breast cancer with the unintended consequences of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that has gone untreated are some of the critical life issues that I faced. If enjoy awakening and helping survivors and communities live a creative and productive life that matters through Jazz, Zen and food through improvisation and cooking.

In 2014, after completing an Artist Trust EDGE, Seattle WA( professional writer’s program’s recommendation,) I created a personal blog entitled, Fifty Shades of Jazz. I wanted to see if I had the chops to be an author, blogger, to talk about living my Samsara of Breast Cancer, parents’ deaths, Lymphedema, and a deteriorating neuropathy, on a fixed income in “a hella- less than” ideal space to live feeling as though my life was slowly slipping away.

The blog became my test, a way my father taught his music students to learn and study and practice on a daily basis. My world exploded and the transformation of writing and cooking life has been reached. I am pleased to announce and introduce you to the latest transforma. TASTING NIRVANA.

l begin with Super Survivor issues, i.e., psychosocial effects, Health care access, resources, cuisine, meditations, jazz plus genres, literary arts, commentary that I will build into a lifestyle website for those inclined to live sideways. I will begin with the liner notes companion since it would be a 50 year celebration of a place that healed my life.

I am the native daughter of Jazz and cooking. My first language was cooking. Being in the kitchen became a communal bond. A ritual and form of social interaction. It has become more than just burgers and fries. It is my way of living in this world. Cooking has never been about breakfast, lunch and dinner it is truly the touchstone of modern cultural imagination, archiving mythical images and an aesthetic cultural and ethnic cuisine leading to new modes of writing, seeing, hearing and tasting. I like to use the improvisational elements of jazz that I have experienced to develop different creative culinary tapestry that fires all sensory input.

Breast Cancer first dropped into my life in 1997 when my mother’s cancer returned after 13 years in remission. Three years later in 2000 I was diagnosed. My first major illness was Guillain Barré Syndrome (“GBS”) an autoimmune neuropathy similar to MS. Just 4 months after my release I had emergency surgery for what I now know was uterine cancer, but in 1991, little research had been done with respect to female cancers. Now living with Lymphedema and the deteriorating neuropathy the hardest challenge of my life as a Brown female, cut down in career prime, living on a limited income dealing with the psychosocial effects of Breast Cancer and finding a way to Renew, Reboot and to do an Encore filled to the gills living a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful Life.

Tasting Nirvana is my new blog where my memories, recipes and palliative self care suggestions are cast on a open kitchen template. Cooking is the substrate that creates a portal to finding meaning in my life using mindfulness, jazz improvisational techniques. The focus of this blog will be on the integration of the mind-body-spirit and dealing with cancer, an autoimmune neuropathy, lymphedema and the other copious unintended consequences of breast cancer, i.e., malnutrition and weight loss. My utensils are recipes based on Ayurvedic Nutrition and mixed media arts. I have to play the utterances that manifest when I am listening to sounds being translated into words in the space between the beats.

Thank you so much for swinging by to check out my blog. Hope to hear and see you soon…Peace Out ✌

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